Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Who Do You File When Injured on the New York Subway? Contact Paul Dansker & Aspromonte for help

The New York City subway is a convenient and quick means of transport for hundreds of thousands of people each day. However, the subway is not without its dangers. Paul Dansker a NYC Subway Accident Attorneys sees a wide variety of subway accident cases, and because many of them are preventable, victims often have a right to sue for compensation. However, depending upon the nature of the accident, victims often don’t realize they have a case, or who they can file against.

Subway accidents don’t necessarily revolve around subway crashes or derailments. They often involve incidents that occur in the subway system, including:
•    Slips and falls
•    Assaults
•    Electrocution from exposed wiring or train tracks
•    A fall off a subway platform
•    Injuries caused by a sudden stop or a door that closed too quickly
•    Injuries caused by broken equipment such as subway turnstiles
•    Falling down broken stairs

New York Accident Attorneys at Paul Dansker & Aspromonte can help you file your case. Our experienced attorneys know about the different organizations and entities that have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for those who use the subway and will fight on your behalf to help you prove negligence and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Paul Dansker & Aspromonte Associates is a New York personal injury law firm specializing in serious brain injuries; medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, falls, construction accidents, municipal liability, injuries to children and more. The firm has represented thousands of clients and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for them over the last 30 years.
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